User requested features have been added!

AUTHOR: Johnnie | PUBLISHED: Dec 27, 2023 | READ TIME: 3 mins


There have been a few ideas submitted by readers that are worth mentioning. While some of these requests will take some time to implement, 1 of them has been added today! (12/27/2023) The donations/tip feature is now live and ready to go!


(how-to helpful instructions on using the feature)
If you would like to send a donation, simply click the "Send Donation/Tip" button found on the bottom of page. The feature is integrated so that it can be used from any page on the website.


The reader also mentioned were for comments so that they could say a word or two on each update published on the website. They also requested improved sharing features like custom images (which is also implemented as of 12/27/2023). Stay tuned because the comments feature will be added in the near future.


Have a wonderful time with your family during the holidays! Thank you for reading and stay positive :)