Johnnies Instructions for a humane approach for a bath that will strengthen your pets loving bond ❤️

AUTHOR: Johnnie | PUBLISHED: Dec 19, 2023 | READ TIME: 3 mins

Here is my kitten Ludo doing his first bath, being such a
good boy…😽 He had a few things to say though!

(=^ェ^=)   (=^ェ^=)   (=^ェ^=)   (=^ェ^=)   (=^ェ^=)


(Athena is the pet in this example)

•With Athena out of the room, Fill up the tub with warm water almost to the top.

•While you are saying sweet things & holding her close, slowly walk towards the tub until you have her placed on or near the side of the rim.

•Stop & Stay there for a moment, until you are sure she is calm and knows she is safe with you ❤️ begin stirring the water around and stop if she gets ansy… get back to calm state.

•Bring out a TINY bit of water to her paw while encouraging her by saying: "GOOD PUPPY! " "WHAT A SWEET GOOD PUPPY OMG IM SO PROUD OF YOU!" (Substitute your own encouraging words here if you like)

•She will quickly get used to that tiny bit of water and thats when you put more on her other paw… lots of encouragement from you during all of this so your pet knows you are VERY happy with the good behavior.

Here is the sweet little soul after his bath 😻
My sweet friend Ludo
My sweet friend Ludo

•At this point… Athena is pretty wet from all the water you've been bringing out… she knows the feeling and sees you are VERY happy with all of this.

•Put her in the water while LOTS & LOTS of positive encouragement. (Your pet already has a stronger bond and trust with you at this point by the way, This made them realize how safe they are with you ❤️)

•This first bath should be 1 min max, as its just introduction. You want your pet to be thinking: "wow this was nothing, and my owner is incredibly happy when i do this for them".

•You'll have 2 towels ready to go for drying your furry friend :) smile…YOU DID IT! over the next few hours, your pet is going to have a noticeably stronger bond with you. The stronger bond will show itself in different ways but will surely be adorable how they demonstrate how much more they love and trust you ❤️

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day and stay positive!

(=^ェ^=)   (=^ェ^=)   (=^ェ^=)   (=^ェ^=)   (=^ェ^=)

Ludo after his bath
Ludo after bath
Clean and happy kitten takes his after bath nap